Perfect Pizza Pie

August 26, 2010

Everyone in the Boston area has their favorite pizza spot to go and pick up a slice or a pie. Some say Pinocchio’s in Harvard Square, others talk about the wonders of Santarpio’s in East Boston, and of course there are generally always some folks mumbling about the greatness that is Pizzeria Regina in the North End.  When I get a serious pizza craving, I head to what I believe to be the best place around for a slice or 4, and that is Leone’s on Winter Hill.

While their feud with another sub shop up the street is what got me in, it was a slice of the thick cut, Sicilian style slice that has kept me coming back.  The combination of crispy yet soft dough with a savory sauce, flawlessly melted cheese with herbs on top is one that does not disappoint, ever. And for under $10 you can get 4 slices, which is more than enough to feed two people.  While the price is right, after one slice of this magnificent pizza, you will have a difficult time getting this pizza off your brain.

With friendly service, this neighborhood shop really stands out on a street full of neighborhood sub shops.  Their prices are spot on, and the subs and salads are delicious, but the multiple sheets of the rectangular pies right behind the counter will have you ordering at least one while you wait for the rest of your meal to be completed.

If you love pizza as much as I do, which if you do you might want to seek help, you owe it to yourself to stop into Leone’s and give this pie a bit of attention. Your life won’t be the same afterwards.

Leone's Submarine Sandwich on Urbanspoon



  1. ah man, let me know next time you are going! do they deliver?

    • No delivery, just walk ups!

  2. that looks decent! i’m gonna get a sicilian slice for lunch down the street.

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