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Alliteration is difficult with Oysters

September 28, 2010

The days are getting shorter, the air is a bit cooler, and yet you desperately are trying to grasp onto those last fleeting moments of summer. What better way than to hop on over to the Terrace Bar bar Legal Sea Foods has set up in Harvard Square, order a Narragansett, and 6 oysters for $6 between the hours of 3pm – 6pm.

While Oysters are commonly thought of as a summer food, recent advances in aquaculture have made oysters safe to eat year round. Legal gives you the chance to enjoy some of the numerous local oyster varieties for a great price in a pretty relaxed setting (on the warmer days). The friendly and funny bartender was a real joy, keeping the beer and the conversation flowing.

The $1 oyster special rotates between a few varieties, so you can easily have a few different types in a weeks time. Served with cocktail sauce, horseradish, and what seemed to be pickled black pepper, these fresh briney treats were tasty with a little kick.

With wonderful service and a collection of really great oysters, it would be difficult to imagine a better after works snack.

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Indian Burritos

September 22, 2010

My love of Indian food is no secret, and there is nothing that brings me more pleasure than ripping some naan, topping it with rice and some saag paneer, and eating it like a taco. Now, Chutney’s in The Garage in Harvard Square (located, oddly enough, where Flat Patties used to be) has taken all the guesswork out of eating Indian food as if it were Mexican food, and created their burrito style Indian food!

With a variety of different fillings, numerous vegetarian, chicken, and lamb options, they pretty much have something for everyone. You choose your filling, you choose one of the three wrap options, and then extras. They have seven different chutneys (With a name like Chutney’s…) and a wide range of fresh vegetables, so you can really customize these wraps to be whatever you want. The creamy paneer tikka roll was one of the best items I had. Extremely flavorful, and the super rich sauce complimented the paneer quite well. Its hard to beat a meal of this size for only $4.50, a combo meal for under $7 (with two sides, and a fountain soda), it won’t be difficult to get hooked on this place.

While I loved the roll I had, there were some issues. The tofu with mushrooms was saturated with salt and was fairly difficult to eat. The Samosas that come as sides, they are lacking something. Maybe its a dipping sauce, but I just wasn’t satisfied with them. It had all the proper ingredients, and they were mixed well, but if they were better I would have flipped my lid over the whole meal.

While Chutney’s isn’t perfect, it isn’t far from achieving excellence. A friendly and enthusiastic staff coupled with delicious inexpensive cuisine will keep me coming back. It is pretty great to see something pop up that is so different from everything else around it, while at the same time being comfortable and familiar. Chutney’s does both.

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