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Dosa Deals!

February 19, 2010

Having a craving for some Indian food recently, I found myself lured to the Dosa Factory, an Indian street food style restaurant located in the back of the Shalimar Indian Market. It was a pretty great overall experience, and the casual atmosphere combined with pretty fantastic food at a reasonable price will have me going back for more!

When choosing my dinner at The Dosa Factory, I felt pretty inclined to choose a dosa. Expecting a small, basically burrito sized crepe filled with potato, I chose the Masala Dosa, which was stuffed with potato and curry leaf spiced onions. When my order came up, much to my surprise, the dosa was about the size of my entire arm! Packed with flavor and served with a side of coconut chutney (which was bland and unnecessary) and a lentil sauce with a variety of hot peppers to dip in, this dosa hit the spot in a big way.

The paneer pakoras were a bit on the salty side, but were otherwise a great side to the meal. The surprise hit of the dinner though was the Kathi roll, which was a handheld burrito-esque roll up filled with paneer (and a meat if you like), mint chutney, salad and pickle. At a reasonable price, this fantastic little guy provided a lot of flavor in a small package.

So while the Dosa factory wasn’t the best Indian food I’ve ever had, it was a solid place. The shop out front has a pretty awesome selection for all your Indian shopping needs, and to have a tasty out of the way restaurant in the back really makes the trip worth it!
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This is weird because the Dosa Factory is in fact NOT in the South End but is in Central Square, Cambridge.


Oggi Is (still) Outragelous(ly delicious)

February 5, 2010

When I lived in JP, my roommate at the time would bring home the best pizza once a week. We just counted on once a week there being a pizza from Oggi right there on the kitchen table for, as he so politely put it, could rip into an Oggi pie. Sadly, the Oggi eventually closed up shop in JP and I went around thinking back to the days of delicious pizzas and low rent.

Move on to present day and Oggi has claimed Harvard Square as their new home (though they’ve been there for a while now) and allowed me to get this awesome pizza all over again! The best part is, it hasn’t changed a bit. The simple, outstanding thin crust with tomato, mozzarella, basil and garlic, sesame seeds and oil on the crust, its just the best pizza you can get. And every Monday they offer a 16” of this classic pizza for only $5! While their signature pies are great, they also have a rotating special every day, everything from bbq beef with a bright blue Bleu Cheese sauce to a mushrooms roasted in thyme, caramelized onion and yellow raisin balsamic black bean meatball pie.

So while I got my favorite pizza place back, it came with some upgrades. Now, Oggi has pressed sandwiches and burgers, as well as gourmet salads. For the burgers, you can get a Steve’s Special and get a burger with a different special topping each day and an order of fries for $5.99. It’s the same price to make it a veggie burger and a healthy side if you want too.

But the burgers are thick, flame seared patties on a soft toasted bun. The special toppings each day add variety, and the mushroom pickle and caramelized onions mixed into mayo on top of my lettuce, tomato and melted swiss was absolutely worth more than the $6. A friendly staff and a clean dining area made it all the better, but it was a bit odd at times to be eating in a walkway basically.

So if you are in Harvard Square and looking for a delicious, inexpensive, and fun dining experience, give Oggi a try! With their daily slice and burger specials, inexpensive Monday night pizza deal, Wednesday $5 burrito deal, and constantly rotating menu consisting of fresh and locally grown ingredients, it is definitely worth it to stop in and give it a try if you haven’t already.

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