Food Truck Fantasy

August 18, 2010

You would be hard pressed to find a bigger supporter of the recent “Food Truck Revolution” in Boston these days; however, Fillbelly’s seems to be the top of the pack for a relatively new venture. They aren’t doing just hot dogs, they are taking a risk and bringing delicious soul food all over the area at a very reasonable price.

While you may never know where Fillbelly’s is going to be located the day before, (it took me 4 attempts to actually locate them successfully), you can check the twitter, or you can call the cell number on their website for updates. I recommend a combo of both, because if you don’t find a way to eat their food, you’ll be pretty upset with yourself.

With menu items ranging from $2-$6, you’d expect portions to be small and unfulfilling, but that is not the case. Their chicken and waffle plate goes for $5.50, and the mac and cheese is a deal at $4 for a large. But do yourself a favor and opt for the Mac n’ Soul casserole. The Kitchen Kingz @ Fillbelly’s have a unique take on this classic casserole, adding in slightly crispy sweet potatoes that really give a sweetness to the dish that is much appreciated, and collard greens (vegetarian ones, even!) for a savory element. The textures all combined provide a satisfying, delicious meal.

While it might take a bit of extra effort to track down one of these new food trucks you are seeing pop up all over Boston, finding a place like Fillbelly’s is totally worth it. The staff was not only friendly, but genuinely enthusiastic about doing something different. While it might be different, it is also a pretty fantastic experience, and I whole heartedly recommend checking them out as soon as you can.

TO find out where Fillbelly’s is going to be located, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, or call Chef Boz at (347) 204-8466.

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  1. I tried the Mac and Soul Casserole at the Food Truck Fest. It was a little cold by the time I ate it but it was still delicious. Hooray for food trucks!

  2. My friend is one of the chefs in fillbellys and he is good at what he does, so support his team and the food truck movement

    • Your friend is good at what he does and I hope he keeps it up!

  3. […] mac and cheese with shredded sweet potatoes and collared greens stirred into the mix. Check out This is Why I’m Always Broke for more on this new food truck. Fillbelly’s; Boston, Massachusetts (Photo: […]

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