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Pizza Pie Paradise

December 30, 2009

I’m not usually one for fancy schmancy pizzas, I like a greasy sloppy slice over a healthy one, but in an effort to eat better I gave Zing! Pizza in Porter Square a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. A pleasant atmosphere with a very happy and friendly staff stocked with a small but delicious selection of pizzas that focus on taste and local ingredients, it’s a hard thing to pass up.

Arriving later in the evening, the slice selection wasn’t what it could have been, but they had their signature pizza, the Blue October, ready to munch on. A pretty interesting pizza by anyone’s standards, the sauce is made of roasted butternut squash and provides a sweet and delicious base to the otherwise delectable ingredients. Carmelized onions, spinach, mozzarella and bleu cheese round out the toppings on their homemade crust. Pizzas are oblong instead of circular, so slices come out to be pretty big, about a foot long each, and the $3 slice is as filling as could be.

The shop is also filled with high fructose corn syrup free sodas and teas, as well as juices. A small but appealing selection of salads, though sadly I saw no more mentions of the roti that I had head so much about. There are also no trash cans, just compost and recycling bins, something I think more restaurants should get into.

On top of offering slices and whole pies, one could also get a pizza made on a gluten free crust, something that is fairly rare at a pizza joint (although this is changing more and more). I hope to stop in again soon to try the Holy Pepperoni, but the thought of the Blue October has me drooling at the thought!

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Super sushi savings!

December 16, 2009

I guess it isn’t a shock to anyone that knows me that once again this week, I was craving sushi. Money was getting a bit tight (as it always does when you do a restaurant review blog) due to the holidays; so I was looking to satisfy this crave while also spending as little money as possible. So Café Sushi in Harvard Square did just that with their weekly $1 sushi night.

Every Sunday at Café Sushi, all of the sushi pieces are a buck. Yes, one single dollar for some of their delicious salmon, tuna, and eel. A delightful smoked salmon and surprisingly awesome jalapeno fish roe were also on the menu and I couldn’t have been happier. While the place was busy, it was also staffed with friendly helpful folks who were more than happy to help with anything. The seaweed salad that we got as an appetizer was garnished with marinated tofu, which only made the dish even better than it is at other sushi joints.

While I could go on about how great the salmon was, or how I could have eaten 100 of the jalapeno ones, the one point where Café Sushi disappointed was the rolls. They were loose to the point of falling apart, and sometimes there just wasn’t a lot inside the roll. While everything tasted great, these were still full price on the Sunday, which made the haphazardly made rolls that much more of a letdown.

So if you have a craving for sushi and don’t want to spend too much, hit up Café Sushi on a Sunday night and really take advantage of this awesome food at the lowest cost I could imagine. It gets crowded, so get there early or eat at the sushi bar to watch these sushi chefs in action!

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Delicious dumplings and more!

December 10, 2009

Porter Exchange in Cambridge has been one of my favorite places in the area to go to eat for years now, and though there have been a variety of negative changes that have taken place recently (the loss of Kotobukiya market, the sushi counter changing to new owners who aren’t as good as the old owners), the places left are doing a great job of reminding me why I like to go there.  Sapporo Ramen is still cranking out delicious hot bowls of noodle soups and ridiculously delicious gyoza dumplings to please the passersby.

Being a relatively cold day out, I wanted something to warm me up.  I hadn’t been to Sapporo in quite a while, and while they have made some changes (positive ones, like new cups, new menus), the quality of the food has not dipped one bit.  Complex broths filled with delicately cooked ramen (try not to think of the dried out packages of sodium you see in the store or have eaten when you are broke, this is the real deal and is quite a treat) that are filled with choice ingredients.  I was a huge fan of the Vegetable one, with a soy sauce and pepper broth filled with all sorts of fresh veggies and tofu.  The house soup, filled with corn, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, scallions, and seaweed all topped off with pork and a hardboiled egg simmering in a house broth. The flavors of chicken and veggies in the broth really make this one shine.

My favorite thing to get, though, is the pork gyoza.  Tasty little dumplings, seared on one side, are the best way to spend $4.75 I can think of.  You also have the option of getting vegetarian ones, which are also pretty fantastic!

A great thing about Sapporo is that you can go with a friend or on a date, each picks a soup and experiments with new soups.  If one doesn’t care for theirs, they will assuredly like the other and a swap can be made.  That is what happened with Lizz and I, as we ended up liking the others much better than the ones we ordered, so we traded! Of course, we both loved the gyoza, and it came in just a bit over $20 for two people, so not too expensive either!

Sapporo Ramen (although this is the old menu, it is still relatively similar to the new menu)
1815 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

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December 7, 2009

Last week was I sick. Pretty bad too, just the unpleasant stuff you deal with around this time of year. And what could be my cure-all for what ailed me? Of course it is spicy Asian food! Between bowls of Pho and extra spicy drunken noodles, I had to take a break and have some sushi (plenty of wasabi!) and green tea. Going out on a limb and trying Fugakyu, Brookline’s most famous and also expensive sushi spot, they provide you with a way to enjoy their high quality sushi without breaking the bank. And that way is, Kaiten style sushi boats!

Offered Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Fugayku has a sushi bar area with the little boats that go around in circles, each one carrying a different type of delectable sushi. The various offerings are on two different plates, a patterned plate and a white plate. Patterned plates are $3 and white plates are $4. With a smaller variety offered than the full menu, you can of course order extras. The Fugayku special roll is one of the highlights, featuring tuna, eel, fried sweet potato, scallion & bonito flakes. It’s $12 for a whole roll, or $3 for plate, so if you want to try it and get a healthy portion, you cannot go wrong with it.

The highlight of the whole meal though, was the dessert. Tempura fried chocolate wrapped banana drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with your choice of ice cream. It’s $7.95 and it’s the most delicious thing I had while I was there.

Sorry for the lack of photo, I was not able to snap a good shot due to the crazy deliciousness clouding my artistic vision.

1280 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA

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