Cheap Cheese Chic

October 4, 2010

Looking for a cheap, delicious bar snack to satisfy your hunger between meals, preferably with a beer to go with it? Well hop into Tory Row in Harvard Square and order the Curry apricot cheese spread, as it is probably the best way to spend $5 you will find these days.

Served in a ramekin on a butcher block with a sliced Nashoba Brook Bakery baguette and another ramekin of baby sweet/hot peppers, this cheese spread is about as surprisingly good as anything could get.   I originally thought that the flavors would combat each other, but instead they seem to complement each other well.  There is sweetness, probably because of the apricot, and nuttiness, mostly because of the cheese, and then some complex flavors provided by the curry.  Working together in unison, they meld into one wild taste explosion, just begging to be spread on more and more of the baguettes.  Heck, fill one of the peppers they come with and chomp on them for even more heat!

While Tory Row isn’t exactly my favorite place to eat and drink in Harvard Square, this little dish is quickly becoming one of the best, especially for the price.  Pop in on a nice day to sit outside and share this tiny meal  with a friend, or after a hard day’s work, pull up a stool, order a pint, and go at this snack with reckless abandon, enjoying the flavors while toasting the end of another work day!

Tory Row on Urbanspoon


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