Harvard Sq. Pizza Deals

January 20, 2010

I feel like everyone knows Crazy Dough’s, but who knows, maybe some folks don’t?  It’s that pizza place in The Garage, or the one on Boylston near Berklee with the ever-changing variety of pizzas.  It’s got some great slices deals and the ever awesome $4 pitchers of PBR, but don’t expect to show up and get tanked without ordering food.

While at times the pizza can be hit or miss due to the selection or the staff, over the many years I’ve been hitting this spot I’ve had so many more good experiences to the few less than stellar ones.  Its hard to top the tasty $5 for two slices of cheese and a soda, but often times I spend the extra $2.50 for the gourmet slices.  Their BBQ Chicken pizza, while often something I’m not a fan of at other spots, always wins me over.  The buffalo chicken is also one of the better ones around.

So while not a perfect pizza spot, when you want something quick and cheap and are in Harvard Square, check it out, share a pitcher of beer (or get a Longtrail Double Bag), and enjoy the people watching in the Garage.

Crazy Dough's on Urbanspoon


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