Pizza Pie Paradise

December 30, 2009

I’m not usually one for fancy schmancy pizzas, I like a greasy sloppy slice over a healthy one, but in an effort to eat better I gave Zing! Pizza in Porter Square a shot, and I was pleasantly surprised. A pleasant atmosphere with a very happy and friendly staff stocked with a small but delicious selection of pizzas that focus on taste and local ingredients, it’s a hard thing to pass up.

Arriving later in the evening, the slice selection wasn’t what it could have been, but they had their signature pizza, the Blue October, ready to munch on. A pretty interesting pizza by anyone’s standards, the sauce is made of roasted butternut squash and provides a sweet and delicious base to the otherwise delectable ingredients. Carmelized onions, spinach, mozzarella and bleu cheese round out the toppings on their homemade crust. Pizzas are oblong instead of circular, so slices come out to be pretty big, about a foot long each, and the $3 slice is as filling as could be.

The shop is also filled with high fructose corn syrup free sodas and teas, as well as juices. A small but appealing selection of salads, though sadly I saw no more mentions of the roti that I had head so much about. There are also no trash cans, just compost and recycling bins, something I think more restaurants should get into.

On top of offering slices and whole pies, one could also get a pizza made on a gluten free crust, something that is fairly rare at a pizza joint (although this is changing more and more). I hope to stop in again soon to try the Holy Pepperoni, but the thought of the Blue October has me drooling at the thought!

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  1. The gluten-free pizza rules and I would eat it even if I didn’t have Celiac.

  2. mmmmm pizza. And no corn syrup! I like this trend, it keeps me alive and well.

  3. Two people have said that in a side-by-side comparison that their gluten free pizza is BETTER than their traditional one.


  4. i don’t like how this slice looks. that’s alota topping!

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