Super sushi savings!

December 16, 2009

I guess it isn’t a shock to anyone that knows me that once again this week, I was craving sushi. Money was getting a bit tight (as it always does when you do a restaurant review blog) due to the holidays; so I was looking to satisfy this crave while also spending as little money as possible. So Café Sushi in Harvard Square did just that with their weekly $1 sushi night.

Every Sunday at Café Sushi, all of the sushi pieces are a buck. Yes, one single dollar for some of their delicious salmon, tuna, and eel. A delightful smoked salmon and surprisingly awesome jalapeno fish roe were also on the menu and I couldn’t have been happier. While the place was busy, it was also staffed with friendly helpful folks who were more than happy to help with anything. The seaweed salad that we got as an appetizer was garnished with marinated tofu, which only made the dish even better than it is at other sushi joints.

While I could go on about how great the salmon was, or how I could have eaten 100 of the jalapeno ones, the one point where Café Sushi disappointed was the rolls. They were loose to the point of falling apart, and sometimes there just wasn’t a lot inside the roll. While everything tasted great, these were still full price on the Sunday, which made the haphazardly made rolls that much more of a letdown.

So if you have a craving for sushi and don’t want to spend too much, hit up Café Sushi on a Sunday night and really take advantage of this awesome food at the lowest cost I could imagine. It gets crowded, so get there early or eat at the sushi bar to watch these sushi chefs in action!

Cafe Sushi on Urbanspoon


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