December 7, 2009

Last week was I sick. Pretty bad too, just the unpleasant stuff you deal with around this time of year. And what could be my cure-all for what ailed me? Of course it is spicy Asian food! Between bowls of Pho and extra spicy drunken noodles, I had to take a break and have some sushi (plenty of wasabi!) and green tea. Going out on a limb and trying Fugakyu, Brookline’s most famous and also expensive sushi spot, they provide you with a way to enjoy their high quality sushi without breaking the bank. And that way is, Kaiten style sushi boats!

Offered Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, Fugayku has a sushi bar area with the little boats that go around in circles, each one carrying a different type of delectable sushi. The various offerings are on two different plates, a patterned plate and a white plate. Patterned plates are $3 and white plates are $4. With a smaller variety offered than the full menu, you can of course order extras. The Fugayku special roll is one of the highlights, featuring tuna, eel, fried sweet potato, scallion & bonito flakes. It’s $12 for a whole roll, or $3 for plate, so if you want to try it and get a healthy portion, you cannot go wrong with it.

The highlight of the whole meal though, was the dessert. Tempura fried chocolate wrapped banana drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with your choice of ice cream. It’s $7.95 and it’s the most delicious thing I had while I was there.

Sorry for the lack of photo, I was not able to snap a good shot due to the crazy deliciousness clouding my artistic vision.

1280 Beacon Street
Brookline, MA

Fugakyu on Urbanspoon


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