Whatta Delicious Wing!

November 25, 2009

Last week I decided to go spend the day in Arlington.  I caught a movie at the Capitol Theatre, looked at the cool shops, rode by Spy pond, and finally, the lady and me hit up Whatta Wing! Known primarily for their large variety of sauces for their wings (28), it basically seemed like your local sub shop, but with the added bonus of some butt kicking wings!

So, for the deal, they had 2 daily specials when dining in.  $8.50 for 8 wings, a bag of chips and a soda or 6 tenders, chips and soda.  For around a buck more you could get a side salad, but no drink.  At first I thought that was a bit on the pricey side, but once I saw the wings, I thought it was a deal.

I chose to get the mango habanero on the wings while Lizz got the garlic buffalo on the tenders, and boy were these things great.  The wings were huge, super juicy and cooked to create a nice crisp on the outside while leaving the meat tender and moist.  The tenders lacked the same amount of juiciness, but still were moist and big.  Did I mention that these suckers were big?  The garlic buffalo sauce was outstanding.  It leaned a bit more to the buffalo side of things, but had this garlicky kick that made the sauce downright exciting to eat!  The mango habanero was pretty good, but being a fan of the heat I expected a lot more habanero, but ended up with a lot more mango.  The sauce was sweet and delicious, but after a while I was dying to have a kick to it that I just wasn’t getting.  Next time I’m getting the Buffalo Suicide sauce!

One big difference between the tenders and the wings was how they handled the sauce.  The wings, after eating a few of them, got a bit soggy under the sauce.  This was a bit of a letdown because at the start of the meal, the crisp texture to the wing set it apart from so many other run of the mill places.  It wasn’t a huge negative though, as the meat and the sauces were still great.  My advice, eat these suckers as fast as you can!  The tenders though, never gave way to the sauce and remained a joy to eat all the way through.

So if you have $10 and want to get full off of a handful of wings or tenders, this is the place to do it.  With so many different sauce options, you could have a complete different experience each time you go. I can’t wait to go back and try the Spicy Teradactal or the Buttermilk Ranch wings!

Whatta Wing!
218 Mass Ave
Arlington, MA

Whatta Wing on Urbanspoon


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