Burgers on the cheap in Harvard Square

November 18, 2009

Regular cheeseburger, small fries
One of the things I like almost as much as savings (SAVINGS!) is a good burger, and though the name Flat Patties held me at bay for a while, I’m pretty glad I stepped into The Garage that fateful day a few years ago and plopped down some dollar bills for what turned out to be a pretty fantastic burger for under $5!

While a friend of mine was working at a local tea shop around the corner in Harvard Square, he constantly talked up the new burger joint, Flat Patties, and their delicious cheese fries. The name Flat Patties didn’t get me interested, and for a while I held off. One day, however, I was craving a burger in Harvard and wasn’t in the mood for the Charlie’s experience (reading: me spending more money than I need to on cheap beer) and chose to stop into the Flat Patties and had a wonderful meal.

Now the menu is pretty basic, but has some cool offerings. Burger or double burger (cheese too!), chicken sandwich, fried fish sandwich, pulled pork, Portobello mushroom, and grilled cheese are the main attractions, with the proper extras (bacon, avocado, onions or mushrooms) available as well. They have salads (like I get those), some sides, and homemade desserts. The fries are fresh fried potatoes, and if you wanna get real good get he chili cheese fries. Fattening? Sure. Delicious? Of course!

Now the cheeseburger is a pretty fantastic for just a basic cheeseburger, and its only $3.20! Seasoned well fresh ground beef  topped with a cheese of your choice, lettuce tomato and the house sauce, all on a buttery “brioche style” bun, it is way better than the fast food fare you find at most inexpensive burger joints. It never takes very long to get one, and you can watch the guys in the back cook them right after you order. If you have a few extra bucks in your pocket, get one with a Root Beer float and some cheese fries. It will still be under $10 with tax!

As much as I love a quick, cheap meal from a place that is locally owned, I also love it when those meals are delicious. Not only do you get all three of those checked off at Flat Patties, you also have condiment bar that has jalapeno slices, and how can you not love a place that has that!

Flat Patties
81 Mt. Auburn St,
Cambridge, MA 02138

Flat Patties on Urbanspoon


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