Pizza Specials Make The World Go Round

November 11, 2009

You have no idea how good this pizza is unless you've had it

I think it is becoming more and more obvious that I like places that seem to be from a time past. Places that seem out of place in this modern era of text messaging and twitter, places that want you to slow down, relax, forget about your troubles, and just enjoy what is going on around you. To me, The Paddock is a perfect example of this type of place, and I cannot wait to go back as soon as I can.

The Paddock is semi hidden in a residential neighborhood, this family restaurant and bar is dimly lit with a charm not often seen these days. There is horse and horse race imagery throughout, and the staff is adorned in black vests and pants, adding a touch of class. While the Paddock offers a wide range of menu options and specials, Lizz and I stopped in for the $6 large cheese pizza (available Tuesday-Thursday).

This pizza was far better than I had expected, and for $6 it was a steal! While it is only available three nights a week for dining in or take out, it was cheesy and cooked to a perfect crisp crunch. The pizza wasn’t greasy as some of the local orange cheese joints, and it made me wish I had ordered two of the specials (what can I say, I LOVE PIZZA). Though we had taken the pizza to go, there was a special that night for a pitcher of beer with a large cheese for only $15. While that is a good 3 dollars more than the pitcher/pie special at one of my other favorite joints, the pie at the Paddock is worth double that.

Other specials and desserts top off the items at the Paddock, as well as homestyle menu mainstays (such offerings as lasagna and baked ziti) offered at reasonable prices. They have a few long running specials for things like football games at the bar (25¢ wings, $5 for a beer and two slices), and pasta dishes that will feed a family of four (Chicken Parm and ziti or linguine for $30). So while this old timey place invites you in to sit back and relax, it also offers up great deals and meals to keep you coming back time and time again

The Paddock
249 Pearl Street
Somerville, MA 02145
Phone: (617) 628-6525

Paddock on Urbanspoon



  1. now thats’a pizza!

    • Did you ever go here when you lived in the ville?

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