Dollar Tacos!!

November 5, 2009

La Verdad's tacos are served family style!

La Verdad’s $1 Taco Tuesday really isn’t all that much of a secret these days, but it sure is still a deal! I was talking to my friend Ben about trying to write a review on the place and I was like “well, the tacos are a dollar. And damn good. Totally worth a dollar, but I don’t know what to write about them.” He was like, well, you have your review right there or something who knows. Well, on a recent Tuesday me and my buddy Aimee made our way over to the La Verdad to feast on tacos that seriously only cost a dollar. While I had been there before, there were a few surprises that made this trip especially enjoyable.

So there are some ups and downs to the dollar taco night. The big plus is, of course, you can get some awesome tacos made with fresh home made tortillas for only a buck. The biggest downsides though are these, the 3 varieties that you have to choose from never change, they don’t have a vegetarian option in the $1 options, and there is a limit of only 5 $1 tacos. The three that you can choose from though, are all very very good, and those are the Chicken (Pollo Pibil…Achiote BBQ chicken with pickled red onions, sour orange), the Pork (Pastor Traditionale…”El Farolito” pork adobo, roast pineapple, lime, cilantro, and onion), and Carnitas (yes I know it is also pork but come on [Roast pork, cilantro, onions, salsa verde]). My favorite is the carnitas, but I am unusually drawn to their salsa verde, so I just keep going back for more. Now you can get up to 5 of these for $5, but I do recommend experimenting with other tacos in the very reasonable $2.25 – $3 range. I’m a big fan of the Chorizo y Papas, but wasn’t that huge on the Shrimp.

The star of the night though, for me, was the chips and salsa. Yeah, just your plain old chips and salsa. But they weren’t. They were extraordinary. Freshly made tortilla’s were fried and topped with a bit of salt and cojito cheese, brought out with salsa verde and their pico de gaillo, as well as some pickeled jalapenos and carrots. At first I was all $4.95 seems like a lot for just chips and salsa, but afterwards I figured out what a deal it was. 3 tacos and splitting an order of these with a friend is the way to go. A big shock for me going back to La Verdad was the lack of people. I quite liked how quiet it was, how attentive the staff was, and the music was at a great volume that seemed to encourage conversation but didn’t force anyone to yell.

If Tuesday rolls around and you find yourself saying “Its only Tuesday?” to yourself, maybe hitting La Verdad after work might not be such a bad idea. The food is great, it’s cheap if you stick to items like dollar tacos and chips and salsa, and walking distance from 2 green line T stops if you need a break from the crowded rush hour train.

La Verdad

1 Lansdowne St
Boston, MA 02215

La Verdad Taqueria Mexicana on Urbanspoon



  1. Yessss. I am famous! Great to see you the other night.

  2. Hey Ryan! Loving your reviews, buddy, but my experience at La Verdad was less than impressive. I did not get the chicharrones on my pork taco, and the staff totally didn’t give a shit. The beer etc is way overpriced and honestly, I thought the tacos were ok. Across the board they were a little dry, flavors were good, but some still needed salt. I dunno. For a dollar, yes, of course, terrific, but otherwise, I don’t see any compelling reason to return. I would love to see you review The Battery, in Brighton.

    • So, i’ve been to the Dollar Taco night twice, once at the bar and once in the taqueria side. The Taqueria side was a much better experience, food wise. So maybe that would help? The beer wasn’t that bad but I only drink swill.

      I have thought about doing the battery, so now I will hop over and try it! Maybe a fried mars bar for me, huh?
      Thanks for reading Rob!

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