Dollar Deals in Davis

October 22, 2009

Chicken Takatini Pizza

I am a big fan of Diva Lounge in Davis Square, if only for the fact that hanging out inside of it is like hanging out in a bar envisioned by the set designer from Barbarella. But it offers so much more than just a tragically cool setting to knock back $3 Miller Lite pints, they offer some pretty great deals on food as well. And I have to say, the food is pretty darn good!

The food at Diva Lounge has always been pretty similar to the menu at the much larger, less bar focused Diva directly next door (and sometimes when Diva gets too full, they seat folks in the lounge). One of my favorite bar snacks is the mozzarella and green chile stuffed naan. At $4, it’s hard to beat, and its filling and delicious! Recently though, the owners decided to start offering $1 tapas in the lounge, so sampling some of those was on the agenda this visit.

While the staff was a little flustered at the onset of this Saturday night due to the sudden surge of folks hitting the lounge, they never once lost their composure. The tapas are not your traditional Spanish style tapas, and neither are they something you would find on most Indian restaurant menus. The dishes don’t come out all at once, and this is one thing I think could be fixed, BUT I also kind of enjoyed the one or two plates coming up at a time.

So, a buck for individual tapas? It is actually a pretty great deal as some of the tapas are pretty filling. The Chicken Takatini Pizza, while a bit on the cold side, was sweet and savory at the same time. The Cheese and Mushroom Samosa was one of the better things I’ve eaten in a while, but do yourself a favor and order 2 as they are a bit on the small side (Hey, it is a DOLLAR!). On the other side of things though, the mini cheese dosa, a crispy crepe filled with potato and cheese was a pretty hearty size, much bigger than I would have expected for the price, and pretty tasty too! The dollar dish that stole my heart though was the Shrimp Chat, which was a cold shrimp and cucumber salad served in a crispy roti bowl, that was about 2-3 bites big. While that was my favorite, the lamb slider was fawned over by everyone else in my party, and was compared to a mini version of the Cellar burger I had written about previously.

So if you want to hang out in a futuristic setting and eat not quite traditional tapas that only cost a dollar a piece, Diva Lounge is your spot. It gets pretty crowded on weekends, so I would say if you want a mellow experience, hit em up on a weekday!

Diva Lounge
248 Elm St
Somerville, MA, 02144

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  1. that’s not a pizza!

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