I ate this, you want it, shut up.

September 29, 2009

Speed's Dogs

I feel like a fool. I hate to admit it, but I do. I’ve been hearing about Speed’s Hot Dogs for oh I dunno at least 5 or 6 years now. As a notorious hot dog fanatic, I brushed off everyone’s claim that it was the best hot dog in town. Pfft, I thought, I make a better hot dog at home than I’ve ever gotten at a restaurant.

I was wrong.

Speed’s cart is famous. I’m not going to go into a ton of history, it’s all easy enough to find, but I will say it is the best hot dog I’ve had outside of my own home. Nah, scratch that, ever. This oversized beef dog is sweet and salty, split down the middle on a grilled bun, and (if you get the loaded dog as I was instructed to by Jared [HI JARED]) just loaded with raw onions, home made mustard, relish, and their special sauce. The special sauce is a bean-less chili like you would expect in the Midwest and is great. The real treat here besides the dog and, oh I dunno, everything else, is the relish. I haven’t had anything like it. Super sweet and fruity, not a pickle based relish like I am used to, and hell the darn stuff was purple! I loved it so much I made a comment and the guy behind the counter came over and loaded my dog down with even more of the sweet syrupy stuff, only adding to the mess this dog makes.

I’m not playing games, don’t be like me. Go to Speed’s and eat the best hot dog in the Boston area.

42 Newmarket Square
Roxbury, MA

Speed's Hot Dog on Urbanspoon



  1. Hotdogs are not just for 21 year olds!

  2. “…and eat the best hot dog in the Boston area…”

    Not just the Boston area, but this dog has been reported to be the best dog to be found in the nation. Granted, that was reported in the NYTimes several years ago, and all sorts of comments can be made to refute their coverage of this achievement. However, when my 73 year old mother who lives near Green Bay calls me up to ask if I’ve had this dog, that’s when I know this is a truly noteworthy culinary phenomenon. Congrats on finally experiencing this fine frank.

  3. Speeds rules. I miss it so.

  4. I need to go here this week.
    You should check out the Hehouse around the corner. Best chicken and waffles

  5. Dude, I told you so. Even Wilder had to recognize. Also the Henhouse is only “the best chicken and waffles” because it’s the ONLY chicken and waffles in Boston. Meh on that place.

    • The place that is in the space the abbey was in has $18 chicken and waffles. Some new place on symphony has $11 chicken and waffles. I’ll take my ho hum $8 chicken and waffles at the hen house for now.

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