The burger that teaches you how to love again

September 17, 2009

After years and years of eating burgers, you get accustomed to the flavor. Sure most of them are juicy, the cheese melty, the buns soft yet buttery, but after a while you just kind of take the burger for granted. You forget to tell it how you feel, you start playing more video games, maybe pay a bit more attention to the hot dog place down the street knowing full well that the burger just isn’t going to go anywhere.

But then, seemingly out of nowhere, a burger pops up into your life that shows you how wrong you were. Burgers aren’t just burgers, they can be SO MUCH MORE! And really, the burger at The Cellar in between Harvard and Central squares has taught me how to love again.

The expectations were high, as I had heard many MANY great things about this burger. Some said it was the best in the city, others the world. So after much hype I went in, ordered a Boddingtons and one these burgers I’ve heard so much about.

When it came over, the $10 masterpiece looked amazing (I wish my photo represented it better, but let me tell you the thing looked like a work of art). Made of grass fed local ground beef, topped with Vermont cheddar, arugula lettuce, a garlic aioli and set onto a beautiful brioche bun, I could not wait to bite into this thing. The aioli, let me tell you, holds this sandwich together, but as a whole the overall package really was just something out of this world. It was a burger like no other I had ever experience. I sat and ate it slowly, really getting into the complexities of the flavor. Cooked perfectly as per my specifications, medium rare, it was juicy and I wouldn’t let any of the juice get wasted. The arugula adds a great crispness, sure, but it also adds a whole other flavor profile that blends in so perfectly with the just right melted cheddar on top. While I am not really one to talk about fries, the rosemary truffle fries that came on the side were a welcome addition to the whole plate. The only complaint was that the dish came with ketchup to dip the fries in instead of say more of the aioli.

If a burger has broken your heart recently and you are reluctant to let another burger in, or if you are just tired of the same old super processed, uber lackluster meat and cheese burgers that are out there, shake your booty all the way over to the Cellar on any night but a Monday (those nights you should hit up the Plough and Stars anyway [shameless plug shameless plug]) and let this tasty little patty into your heart and let it show you that a burger can be, and is, so much more than just some meat stuffed between a bun.

The Garden at the Cellar
991 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA

Garden at the Cellar on Urbanspoon



  1. I’ll have to try this place out. I had 4 Burgers for the first time a week ago, and it was goo, but the chips were lacking.

  2. i basically work across the street from this place, and i have to say, their food is really good. it used to be a total dive, but they really stepped it up (not that i don’t love a good dive – i do).

    what’s funny, though, is when i think of the cellar, i’m more likely to think “the fries that teach you to love again.” i’m not a fry person, but these fries are seriously something worth blogging about (imho), and they’re the first thing that comes to mind when i tell people about the cellar (second is the beet salad). dunno, maybe it’s because i’m a mayo (and therefore aioli) hater…?

    all of that to say, i’ve never tried the burger there, but i’ll give it a chance next time i go in. i’m ready to love again.

    you work at the plough, i take it?

  3. Dawg,

    You need to come to Philly to have some of our burgers. It is a burger paradise.

  4. Man that sounds awesome and makes me want a burger so bad. Something about truffle oil and fries is magical too. A place by my house does Parmesan truffle fries and they are out of this world. I imagine rosemary would make them even better.

  5. It is 10:30 a.m. I hate you.

  6. They open at 11:30.

  7. That burger looks (and sounds so good) and I don’t even eat burgers!

    I am loving your blog, Ryan. So you’re saying this a burger that you would not ditch to watch the Simpsons?

  8. I went to this place today from the suggestion on here. The burger was definitely hands down the best burger in Cambridge. And I’ve tried multiple places being a Cambridge resident. I wanted to cry it was so delicious. While i couldn’t have the fries due to an allergy the burger itself was worth the walk down there!!

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