Tempura Fried Savings!

September 10, 2009

This past week my parents, aunt, cousin, some family friends and I took a trip to the pretty crazy Medieval Manor in the South End for my Dad’s Birthday.  We got to the area about two hours before doors started and we needed something to do so hey, why not get some snacks and some drinks and get a bit full and loose before a 5 course meal loaded with beer, right?  Oishii, on Washington Street, provided us a pretty nice patio and a treat I did not expect from such a fancy place; a really inexpensive tempura menu!

While I would have loved to have had some sushi, this meal was totally on the folks so I wanted to stay relatively cheap, and I have never been one to turn down anything fried, so we hit the menu pretty hard, getting everything from the tempura fried avocado (which was really good) to the lobster (which unfortunately, was my least favorite).  The best one we had though had to be the Sweet Potato, which was just perfectly fried and provided a salty crunch and a sweetness that played really well together.

The best part about these crispy little guys was the price, with most of the veggie items costing around $2 , and the seafood ones being around $5 (though the shrimp runs you $10, you get 2 pieces).  So if you are a little light in the wallet but want a good snack on a pretty nice patio full of all kinds of awesome people watching (and some radical dogs too), Oishii might be the spot for you.

Oishii 3
1166 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02218

Oishii Boston on Urbanspoon



  1. that looks yummy!
    Loving your blog, Ry!

  2. good thing you went to oishii… the food at medieval manor is bad… shockingly so. my only other memory of the place is that you have to ask the king to go to the bathroom, and they sent us home with little souvenir glasses (hopefully my friends didn’t steal them, but it’s not beyond reason).

    anyway, tempura sweet potato is amazing! that’s great that it’s so cheap there.

  3. oh, p.s. your header/banner rules. it’s like the japanese rising sun flag… but rising yum.

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