Who likes being cheap?

September 2, 2009

This is what 6 lobsters look like

A friend of mine clued me into the wonderful Mt. Vernon Restaurant in Somerville.  Knowing my love of lobster but also my hatred of spending lots of money on things I love, he really was correct in pointing me here.   With two compatriots in tow, we set off for the adventure late on a Sunday afternoon to try their twin lobsters for $12.99 deal.

Stepping into the Mt. Vernon is truly stepping into another time.  The bartender was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and a black vest, and the wood paneling and wooden bar seemed out of place compared to the urban neighborhood just outside its doors.  It seemed like we had stepped back in time, to a place men would put hats on before they left the house.  The bar was stocked with classic regulars pounding High Life out of pony glasses and picking the meat out of the lobster shells as if it was the most natural action they had ever performed.

After being seated, out vested waiter (who was quite the character) took our drink and meal orders.  A round of High Lifes, a coke and some waters, some fresh bread and 20 minutes later we were digging into some pretty sweet lobsters.  A decent size, and plenty meaty, each of us got two 1 1/4 lb lobsters right in front of us with some drawn butter (how else are you gonna eat these things?).  I got a side of cole slaw that was pretty darn great as well, and the fries seemed to be a hit.  After a while, our party had enjoyed just about every part of our lobsters and settled in content.  The meat was perfectly cooked, the butter just perfectly melted.  Our waiter said they had sold 1600 lobsters that day and because of that they had run out of the popovers that usually come as a side dish.

Getting two awesome lobsters for $12.99, man that’s a deal you would have to be a fool to pass up.    They have other lobster items, like the special this past August, Lobster Mac and Cheese.   And the $7 beer and a burger special is pretty grand too, served only at the bar but still.   So I guess I would say go here if you want cool stuff in a cool place for a pretty cool price.  HUZZAH!

Mt. Vernon Restaurant
14 Broadway
Somerville, MA

Mount Vernon on Urbanspoon



  1. Oh dude totally that bar special sounds good.

  2. That’s a frikkin’ sweet deal. Lobster mac and cheese can e an amazing dish.

    yo should try the all you can eat prime rib at ko prime

  3. WANT.

  4. I have to say, I’m not a lobstah fan, but two for 12.99 is in fact an incredible deal.

    I like that their site says “YOU MUST EXPERIENCE OUR FABULOUS Sunday Brunch.” It’s like, stop yelling at me dude! And yet, I do like fabulous brunch. I’m intrigued.

  5. Wow! That is an incredible deal on lobster! Nice to hear that the rest of the food and the atmosphere was good as well.

  6. i always wanted to eat here when i lived in sommerville but never got the chance. you’ll have to take me there next time i visit.

    love your blog!


  7. Saw you posting on the UrbanSpoon site from awhile back. Wanted to reach out and say thanks for posting. We have just created our own blog and although online for just a couple of days, it is starting to come around. It has links to our facebook and website as well. Also, the YouTube channel and PhotoBucket, although a ways to go with those sites.
    Anyway, wasn’t sure if your are still blogging adn wanted to keep you up to date. Those sites will mention our lobster specials when they happen.

    Mount Vernon Restaurants

  8. NIck and I had our friggin wedding reception there! hahahahaa!!!!!

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